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Today as I was travelling from Regina, SK to Burlington, ON I had a definitive moment where I was able to cultivate more self love for myself, in my life.

Even though I believe that we constantly have moments and opportunities through our experiences to learn how to care for ourselves more, sometimes, as a result of practice, effort and attention, there are those ‘a ha’ moments where all of a sudden everything is clearer than ever before.

Yes, those moments of clarity where it is not that the sun shines through and you feel great because you can now see. Those moments where you see that as a result of setting the intention to love yourself more you see more clearly than ever before those times when you didn’t.

That was the beginning of my moment today. But, keep reading… it gets better.

After getting my rental car and driving from the Toronto Airport to my hotel in Burlington using google maps as my GPS, I realized that it had lead me right onto the toll highway and I thought ‘uh oh… toll highway with a rental car.’ Not really sure what the charges or surcharges would be on that I noticed some of the thoughts that began to run through my mind like ‘I should have checked this before I left’ and ‘I really have so much to learn about travelling’ and my mind even went so far as remembering other moments in my life when I was travelling and should have researched or know or checked, shoulda, shoulda, shoulda. It wasn’t even about the toll as much as it was the inner critic using that opportunity to jump in!

So I went wait a second! And yes, this is when I started to talk to myself while driving (thankfully now we have bluetooth and we can talk to ourselves in our cars and not look as crazy, ha!) Thinking about how I whether or not I should have taken the highway does not change the fact that I was on the highway. I was already on the toll highway and getting off of it wasn’t going to change the fact that I took it. So I reminded myself that I am doing my best and am always going to do my best and this was my best and everything is ok. I took a deep breath and forgave myself for all of the things in my past that I didn’t know and brought love and support into my heart. I allowed myself the opportunity to be human and that being human is never about being perfect, ever.

So the a ha! is not about a grand revelation but the realization that the problem was not that I took the toll highway but the way that I treated myself for taking it. And that habit/program was the only thing that was stopping me from being happy right then. It is life changing in the sense that every time I take the time to change the way I am thinking, I am changing the way I think and that old pattern of negative self talk becomes less and less.

I believe that it is the only thing stopping all of us always from being happy. Not what we are doing wrong or even what someone else is doing to us or not doing for us, or what we did or didn’t do or could have done, but the way that we treat ourselves as a result of having the awareness of how we could be better and especially how we could care for ourselves and love ourselves more.

The awareness for me in that moment will lead to knowing more about travelling with a rental car but most importantly, every time I work to bring myself to a better feeling place when the inner critic arises I will have more moments where no matter what is happening around me, I am able to be happy.

This is not my first rodeo and I have been doing this for years now and have had other memorable moments where I work with myself and love myself and see instant results like a rainbow or the Northern lights dance beside me or something positive comes to me like a massage or text.

Or like last night, after talking to someone about the toll highway from here I was informed that is really the best way to get here from the airport and often rental car companies don’t even charge for it. I am going with that one! Whether it is true or not it feels better and I know that the better thought is attracting more better thoughts and feelings for me right from the moment I feel it! Better is always better! Better is happy.

Heartfully Yours,

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