I Have Anxiety

The art of hypnosis is in part the art of language. Using language in a way that not only allows suggestions to be accepted to make change in the mind but also in the way of changing the words that we use when talking to or about ourselves.

This is a tool that we can all use, hypnotized or not. Hypnosis just makes it more easy and natural to change your inner dialogue to something more supportive and positive.

I am not talking about making ‘positive affirmations’ in this post. (I am sure I will at some point). I am talking about changing the words that we use when talking about ourselves and our lives in order to feel better… now.

For example, one of the most overused words in our society right now is ‘anxiety’. Just even say the word out loud to yourself right now and notice how you can feel the power behind it. It perfectly describes a negative feeling but also describes everything and nothing at the same time. Think about how many different ways we use the word as a filler to describe so many feelings of discomfort.

‘I have anxiety about….. ‘

‘I am anxious about…’

I am not saying that we do not experience very intense feelings about things and thereby disqualifying that anxiety exists. I do not diagnose anyone and I feel that we can have a tendency to self-diagnose with this very strong and powerful word without realizing that it could be making us feel worse.

At at talk I attended presented by two Buddhist Monks they opened my eyes even more to this, saying that experiencing stress in itself is not bad, it is a part of the energy and movement of life. It is when we walk around saying and thinking, ‘I am so stressed’, ‘This is so stressful’ and even worse ‘that is going to be so stressful’ that we are creating a negative response within us.

So how can this be change it? First of become aware of the way circumstances are described and how they are spoken of. Then start to see if their are better, less charged words that can be used to describe how you feel or what is happening.

Like: Instead of saying, ‘I have anxiety’ saying, ‘When I think about the first day of my new job I feel a little flutter in my stomach’ or: ‘I feel uncomfortable around that group of people’ or: ‘When I have a lot of things to do it makes it difficult for me to slow down my mind’.

Changing the way that we talk to ourselves and the things that we say (or don’t say) also has a profound effect on our stress hormones which can lead to greater or lesser health. I will get into that more in other posts in the future.

Heartfully Yours,

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