Relationship Babies

As you can probably tell by my all of two blog entries lol, my blog is a baby. It is a little baby just starting to think about walking and talking and I really hope that I can allow it to grow up much like a baby. No judgement, falling as many times as possible and continuously getting back in order to learn to walk… like a baby. 

Even as I am comparing my blog to a baby I am laughing because it is not that I am new to writing or creating ‘scripts’ so to speak. I have been writing in journals and sketchbooks for years (there is a photo of a big pile of them on my bio page: scroll down). Also, everyday in my office I spontaneously write scripts in every hypnosis session I do depending on the clients landscape, comfortability and desired outcome. 

The young part of this new form of expression for me is that my writing and the way I ‘hypnotize’ and the way that I look at life, my life in particular, which is also greatly influenced by the lives of those around me, is now coming out of the journals and the private sessions in my office and into the ethereal internet! This is not to say that I will be divulging personal information about my clients and my loved ones, it just means that I will be sharing the insights and experiences in my life that have helped me to grow and heal and move forward, which in turn allows me the blessing to help others do the same.

For example, relationships. We all have relationships with others and relationships are at the core of the human experience. It is though relationships that we can learn so much about who we are and what we want as well as explore the depths of our souls… for better or worse, sometimes.

No matter the reason or issue is that someone comes in for hypnosis for, there always is a link to relationship, even if that link is to the relationship with themselves. It is very valuable and important to nurture the relationship with ourselves and others and equally important to know when to let go and stop trying so hard to ‘do’ and to make things work and allow . 

Allowing. That is my favorite part of the hypnotic process that I use. After they have had a session that might have mostly felt like being really relaxed in the recliner, listening to my voice while visualizing, coming in a week later and talking about the events from their week and how things were different and how they were no longer going a mile a minute in their mind and other amazing things like not being afraid of something that they were afraid of their whole lives. All kinds of changes that take place so gently and subtly from a shifting of thought to quitting smoking, losing weight or enjoying foods and water and exercise in a way like never before.

Ahhh and there we have it again, in everything there is a relationship involved. Whether it is about a relationship with another person; a relationship with our work and purpose; a relationship with the food and substances we put into our bodies; the relationship we have with our minds or, the relationship we have with ourselves, it is valuable to take time to process, allow, let go and nurture the relationships that matter to us and fulfill us. 

Most of us really are relationship babies. Especially now that we are continuously breaking new ground and exploring unknown territories in said relationships. This is new, this is constantly expanding and thinking about it in terms of how many times a baby falls when learning to walk. and how the baby just keeps getting up and trying to walk allows us to remember to be much nicer and much more gentle with ourselves as we continue stumbling and falling and getting back up on this never lived, experienced or been-hear-before path that is our life! 

And so, this is me, nurturing the relationship of me and my blog which is really a natural extension of nurturing the relationships in my life and my work along with (I hope!) some great humor and growing perspectives.

I appreciate you taking the time out of your life to read this and I look forward to seeing where this relationship goes, too!

Heartfully Yours,

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