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Successful Weight Loss, Naturally With Hypnotherapy

Have you ever wondered why at times it feels as though your desires and actions seem at odds? You want to lose weight but you over-eat or binge on junk food. Some people refer to this as a lack of will power when in reality your self sabotage can be caused by an out-dated pattern or emotional issue at a deep subconscious level. Hypnotherapy can help you escape this vicious cycle.

As opposed to yo-yo diets and fad exercising which may create change on the short term, Hypnotherapy creates lasting change by working on the subconscious issues at the subconscious level. Hypnotherapy taps into your subconscious mind but helping you to relax into a calm, meditative state. In this trance-like state your conscious mind is able simply hang back and listen in while the subconscious mind takes the lead. Most people report a feeling of wakeful dreaming, heightened imagination and a feeling of being in a rejuvenating guided meditation.

Planning to lose weight can be daunting. If you have ever tried and failed to lose weight before then you know how frustrating it can be! Your failed attempts at weight loss can actually add to your stress by creating an apprehension and self-critical body image. This creates a downward spiral of bad habits which we are easily soothed by emotional eating and instant gratification!!! Especially when feelings of low self-esteem, boredom and stress arise. Hypnotherapy can snap you out of it!

Receiving nourishment from food is one of our first and most basic instincts. Whether we were breast or bottle fed eating brings about a feeling of comfort, calm and connection. For this reason many people feel a complicated or dependent relationship with food. Specifically when we become overwhelmed, vulnerable or drained we turn to food as a stand in for genuine self care.

Instead of making wholesome nourishing choices, when we are already exhausted we reach for a quick fix. This tends to be immature or childish choices such as ice cream, chocolate, candy, pop or chips. In these moments of vulnerability we are essentially sedating, distracting or comforting our vulnerable inner child with their favorite treats.  

Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy will help you overcome:

  1. Over eating

  2. Binge eating

  3. Emotional eating

  4. Boredom eating

  5. Habitual snacking

  6. Unhealthy food choices

At Hypno Heather, we combine hypnosis, counseling & neuro-linguistic programming to change your old habits easily. Our sessions we include a customized program to meet your individual needs. We will give you a comprehensive introduction to hypnosis and are able to answer any question you may have during our initial consultation. Together we can identify your problematic eating habits, change unhealthy eating patterns and build a foundation of confidence and self-love to help you persevere!

Find the secret to unlocking your barriers to weight loss & feel the difference NOW!!


Heartfully Yours,

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