Awareness & Acceptance Workshop November 7, 2016

Decoding Greatness

Decoding greatness is about learning about yourself and the way you interact with your world everyday. Having a deeper understanding about your core values, traits and characteristics and what makes you great creates a more fulfilling life. Knowing more about yourself and how you tick can help you accomplish more with less effort, find it easier to accept yourself and utilize the information you learn to  move forward with a greater sense of purpose and well being.

The decoding greatness journey is about defining what greatness means to you; discovering what makes you great; designing a life with fulfilling experiences and declaring, ‘I am great, I live in a state of greatness!’

With the best tools, support and guidance on the path to decoding your greatness, you will find yourself living out your dreams and being in an empowered state of being,  a state of greatness. A state of greatness that gives you the ability to achieve and attract bliss, abundance, fun, knowledge, peace and success; it is unique to your own true self and your own authentic life.

A state of Greatness can be decoded and entered into at any stage of life. It does not matter your age,  or gender, or heritage, you are a human being with the spirit of greatness living in you. Your journey begins with awareness of your greatness and acceptance of where you are now, and the continues on with the excitement for where your greatness will take you.  

This journey continues to reveal the secret of your human potential! It is in the understanding and choosing of our actions,  and in our response or lack of response to resistance,  that we unleash our truth. Living in a state of greatness can only be entered by decoding greatness in all of its complexity, simplicity and wonderment.

How will decoding my greatness help me?

Are any of the following true for you?

  • Have you been searching for more abundance, happiness and fulfilling relationships from your life or business?

  • Do you truly know who you are? Why you act the way you do?

  • Do you know why you are here, in this time and in this place?

  • Are you still not where you want to be in your life, career or business?

  • Have you ever been told you are too much of a micro-manager, a controlling person?

  • Do really want to know how greatness works?

  • Do you want to get things moving in the right direction for greatness and success?

  • Are you tired of not having a plan of action that gives the results you want for your life or business?

  • Do you know what motivates you, your staff, and your clients?

  • Do you have effective tools to create a more harmonious work culture?

  • Do you want to create clarity and focus in your life and business?

  • Do you feel that you have subconscious blocks that are stopping you from being the best you can be?

  • Are there beliefs that you have as a result of how you grew up and past experiences that are causing you to sabotage your success?

    If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then decoding your greatness can help you. You are ready to start your journey to reveal your greatness, and live life on your own unique terms.

What will this state of greatness give you?

Your state of mind plays a major role in the things and experiences that you attract. Thus, with our tools and guidance you can design your state of greatness to be (what or where) you want it to be.  Greatness will give you an empowered state of being.  It is in the choosing of your feelings, thoughts, actions and reactions that you create your own unique state of greatness.  When this state of greatness is in alignment with source energy, with God, you will come across unexpected abundance in all things.   It will bring joy, peace, abundance, happiness and love.

How do I feel when I am living in a state of greatness?

The state of greatness feels like you have reached many of your desires with a knowing that you are going to continue to rise higher and reach more, always.  You feel invincible and infused with unlimited possibilities. You have arrived in the life that you were meant to live and met your destiny with grace and joy. You will have a loving and supportive relationship with yourself and have an ability to let go with greater ease, while moving forward with more purpose and excitement!


Heartfully Yours,

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