Empowering Perspectives Weekend! Information Sessions and Workshops

Hypnotherapist Heather Rodriguez will be presenting on Hypnotherapy.

She will talk about the different aspects of hypnosis: what it is, how it works, who it works for and the hundreds of ways that hypnotherapy can help create lasting change. If you are curious about hypnotherapy and want to learn more in a relaxed environment, this is for you!

Hypno Heather will also be offering a 2 hour workshop the following day using Group Hypnotherapy to "Remove Blocks to Greater Self Love and Confidence". Allow Hypnotherapy to help you, with greater ease than ever to stop beating yourself up.

For more information visit and click on upcoming events or contact Heather on facebook at: or contact Heather at 306-596-2298

Click here for directions. 

Heartfully Yours,

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