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Holiday Present for You!


EVENT: World Hypnotism Day - Celebrate World Hypnotism Day! Join certified hypnotherapist Heather Rodriguez to learn more about hypnosis, how it works, and what issues it can help with. For those who wish to participate, a short hypnosis/relaxation visualization will take place at the end of the session. Wed , Jan 4 • 7:00-8:30 pm SU-Sunrise Branch - free

WORKSHOP: Awareness & Acceptance Workshop - Elizabeth Teliz-McQuarrie and I are super pleased to offer this again on January 9th! There is both afternoon and evening times available. Join us for a jam-packed time of getting to know yourself and others that are also on a journey of self-knowledge, awareness and acceptance. Once you know yourself, you just feel more in control. When you feel in control you are content with where you are and excited for where you are going! Sign up and continue on getting the best out of life. 
Read more, pay and register on the Decode Greatness website here.

LIBRARY TALK: Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy - Have you made a new year's resolution to quit smoking? Need a little help kicking the habit? Join certified hypnotherapist, Heather Rodriquez to learn how you can use the power of your mind to help you throw away that pack for good! Wed , Jan 11 • 7:00-8:30 pm GB-George Bothwell Branch - free
LIBRARY TALK: Loss with Hypnotherapy - New Year's resolution to lose weight and create a lifestyle of healthy habits? Is it time for you to invest in yourself and your health? Join certified hypnotherapist, Heather Rodriguez, to start creating your healthy future! Wed , Jan 18 • 7:00-8:30 pm GB-George Bothwell Branch -free

4 WEEK CLASS: 'Feel Better, Lose Weight' - Group Hypnotherapy Class @ Yogamala Regina starts on January 19th @ 7 PM and runs for 4 Thursdays in row. This class is going to be even more charged up with relaxed motivation and tips to help you reach your New Year Goals with ease! There are 2 price points to make it accessible to you and your needs. Space is limited. Click here for more info and to register and pay.
TRAINING: Hypnotherapy Training - SOLD OUT! Yes, the class is full! If you are interested in getting on a waiting list, reply to this email. If someone drops out or can no longer take the class, spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Due to the popularity of this class it looks very promising that I will be offering a spring/summer class so if you are interested in that also reply to this email and let me know. The more interest in the spring/summer class, the more likely it is to become a reality.Starts February 11th. This 8 Day Training is about learning about hypnosis and other skills needed to really help people get to where they want to be and to feel better just having spent time with you. This is a class that offers professional growth and career opportunities along with exponential personal growth. For more info about the training click here.

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