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Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy Group Class


  • food cravings
  • yo-yo dieting
  • self sabotage
  • negative self talk 
  • blocking beliefs
  • old habits
  • negative feelings




  • a lifestyle of weight loss
  • better eating habits
  • motivation to exercise
  • new pathways in the brain that support healthy habits
  • self love 
  • emotional health 





First time ever… special focus on losing weight from the belly.

In all of the 4 classes special attention will be given to losing weight from the mid-section. 


Stop letting your weight stop you from being happy!

This is the only life you have and you deserve to let go of thoughts, feelings and habits that are no longer serving you and be able to look in the mirror and to begin to love the person staring back at you.


Do you like the idea of this group but are not quite sure about hypnosis?

No problem, you can learn more about ‘What is hypnosis?’ and 'Frequently Asked Questions'.


How does hypnosis in a group work?

Each class Heather will be speaking about the various topics before leading everyone into hypnosis. For the first class she will be sure to discuss hypnosis, how it works, how it feels and how to know if you are in hypnosis and will continue to answer questions and educate about hypnotherapy and how it works throughout the classes to insure everyone is comfortable and knows what to expect during the class as well as after - in terms of results.


Everyone experiences a deep relaxation in this class like no other! Which, FYI is also great for weight loss. Win, Win!



• Wednesdays starting October 18 until November 8, 2017

• At Yoga Mala Regina: 2020 11th Ave

• 6:00 until 7:30 PM


How will this program benefit YOU?

• Eating better and having a lot more control over what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat

• Feeling better and more relaxed in general

• Worry less - stress less

• Feel more motivated to move your body

• Learn to use your thoughts to feel better and accomplish your goals with ease

• Create a healthy relationship with your self and your weight loss that lasts

• Feel less down about your body

• Gain clarity on what you need in all areas of your life to accomplish weight loss that lasts


A Couple Client Reviews:

Heather has a unique way of making me feel comfortable almost immediately where usually I am constantly on edge and jumpy. She knows just the right questions to ask and is so easy to talk to, even sometimes making me laugh. She is helping me see the healthy person I can be. I highly recommend seeing Heather if you want help on your weight loss journey. J.W. - Regina

If you are tired of being sick and tired, sad, worried and full of anxiety....then Heather is most definately the Practioner that you should seek! This is THEE BEST I have ever felt in my life, and I assure you, I was sick and tired of being SICK AND TIRED! Today, only 2 months later, I feel amazing. I am happy, and full of energy, with a new focus on my life, and the ability to view my surroundings in a much more joyful and peaceful way. "Thank You Heather", doesn't really say enough! Sharon J. - Regina 

How much?

TWO price points available for this class to suit your needs and affordability:



Gives you FULL access to the 4 week class with all the extras:

 • 4 nights of thought and behaviour changing talks and hypnotherapy with Hypno Heather 

• 4 take home audios 

• Simple nutritional additions helpful for weight loss

• Learning self hypnosis 

VALUE: $1430.00

YOUR PRICE: $500 plus gst ($25) = $525.00




Gives you everything included in Option One PLUS a personal 1.5 hour private session with Hypno Heather at her office.

VALUE: $1605.00

YOUR PRICE: $675 plus gst ($33.75) = $708.75



Limited Time Special Offer!!

Come with a friend and have BOTH OF YOU register before October 13th and EACH OF YOU receive $50 off of Option One or Two!

State the name of your friend in the comments area when sending PayPal payment or email and let her know.


VALUE: $1430.00

YOUR PRICE: $450 plus gst ($22.50) = $472.50




VALUE: $1605.00

YOUR PRICE: $625 plus gst ($31.255) = $656.25




What does Hypno Heather know about Weight Loss?

Hypnotherapist Heather Rodriguez has been practicing weight loss hypnosis for 4 years and hundreds of clients. With the experience gained from private and group sessions she has been able to compile a list of things that create the most success with weight loss to bring to this group. You will find the classes and Heather’s personality gentle (and at times humorous) while benefitting from the support of the other participants - also wanting to make their journey to health easier.

Read all of Heather's Reviews


Class size is limited - register now to CLAIM YOUR SPOT!


For questions contact Hypnotherapist Heather Rodriguez or call: 306.596.2298


Heartfully Yours,

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