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Online group hypno-coaching session while I am away!

Basically, through my own experience of working with a coach, I am shifting the focus of the support that I offer from a therapy model to a coaching model. This is a beautifully natural evolution for me as it has become VERY clear to me in working with others that moving through things is very different when we are focusing on the problem rather than focusing on the solution. More specifically healing the reactions and effects from past traumas, rather than creating the future and taking the steps forward after trauma to create a life we love.


That being said, I will still use hypno when it is needed to clear things and utilize that peak state of mind to help to make things release and manifest more quickly as I do - but hypnosis will not be the focus of the session as it has been in my therapy practice. The focus of the session will be on supporting you by being there with you as you accomplish the things that deep down you know you can and want to!


This hypno-coaching model is also about having more access to me in terms of phone calls, messaging and check-ins rather than just the time of a 1 hr session when I can fit you into my busy schedule.


So come hang out with me in Mexico as I chat about what I’ve learned and how changing the focus from the problem and fixing to solving and creating is amazing! I will be providing ‘life support’ on this call too as there will be an opportunity to ask questions and receive support!


I will be recording it so if you can’t make that date and time still sign up as the recordings will be sent to you after. 


I really think you should check this out as I share what I’m learning and the huge impact that it has made in my life. 


The first one will be totally FREE and the second one will be offered a week after and be even more personal and dive deeper and will be available for the one time only introductory pricing of $69. US.


IF you sign up for both before the first one begins, you receive the early bird price for the second one of $59. US.


In my experience with group work - it can be even more beneficial than one on one as you can be part of a supportive and loving community and learn from hearing others ask questions and be coached too :)


These will be offered with Zoom software and you will be sent a link to join the class via email before the session begins. 


No worries if you don’t register for the second one until after the first as you can register after the first session too for the : $69 US and IF you are unable to listen, everyone who pays for the class will receive the audio recording emailed to them after. 


I am finding ways to increase my accessibility and I really think you should try this. Basically, with group and personal coaching model, there is going to be more of me to go around and more access to having the support you need on a regular basis - in the convenience of your own home. 


When you have the right support with producing the life, relationships, income, career, you want, the stuff that has stopped you in the past, the problems - resolve themselves!


I can’t wait to connect with you while I am away!


If you have any questions email me ~ please give me time to respond as I am travelling :) 


Vamos Arriba!


Heartfully Yours,

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