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16 Personalities/Myers Briggs Sessions

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Why programs and not just individual sessions?

After just one session, shifts happen and you can feel better. However, it is in the deeper work, or the layers of the mind that new programs and neural pathways are created. This changes the way you think, feel and act without having to use will power or try so hard to do things differently. Also, committing to a program not only gives you accountability and time to achieve your goal but also offers you support and assistance from a neutral professional perspective that truly has your best interest at heart. 

Investing in yourself for the program that you feel is right for you is something you will not regret. “I wish I did this sooner” is the most common thing spoken after a session. 

It is natural to feel hesitant to trying something new, especially something that seems so mystical like hypnosis. A new client of mine Amber said, “I went into this session never having been under hypnosis before. I didn't know exactly what to expect but a part of me envisioned the "pocket watch swaying back and forth in front of your face" stereotype. Right off the hop Heather makes you feel very comfortable and at ease. She explains the process and isn't afraid to ask questions to get you to open up. You can tell she has a genuine passion for her job and her clients. I would recommend sessions with Heather to anyone who would benefit." 

Heartfully Yours,

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