Spring - Time of Cleansing and Awareness

 not working, while creating a new mindset and lifestyle that is more in tune with the future. 

This element has been evident in different ways in my own life as well as in ALL of my sessions. Many of my clients are purging and cleaning out their homes, their bodies and their personal lives. I am seeing everyone learning to have better boundaries in all of their relationships so that they can have more health and enjoy their lives more. I, myself am physically cleansing and letting go of habits and ways of looking at things (as always) that are not contributing in a positive way in my life. It is so inspiring to see all of you feeling lighter and doing the things you want to and need to for yourselves that I can't help but jump on board!

Have you been struggling to make those changes that you know you need to but just can't seem to? I feel you! That is where I was... Yes, even I get stuck sometimes and find it easier to make excuses for why I am not doing the things I need to. And when that happens to me, I turn to ... ... hypnosis! You guessed it! And that is why I got into hypnosis in the first place. I had done a lot of therapy and healing and was very aware of why I was doing the sabotaging things that I was but could not seem to stop. Hypnotherapy was that thing that changed everything and still is for me today. Whenever I get stuck and can't seem to change or do things differently, I go for hypnotherapy and let my mind do the work while I relax and then I find myself back on the path of being healthier and happier, again!

I think the most common thing I hear is 'I wish I did this sooner' or 'If I knew it was going to help that much, quickly etc, I would have come in sooner!' I feel the same about finding hypnosis, although I truly know that we all find what we need in perfect timing. 

I wish you the best for this glorious spring time and Easter season and may you re-find your energy, vitality and truth! 

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I always have time in my schedule to help you and those you love as well as answer any and all questions! 

hypno heather spring cleansing

Heartfully Yours,

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