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The Real Deal

, I know. And I also know that there is truth to this and if not now when and if not fixing your mind, then what. This is why I have created this class. Not to lose 10 pounds in 10 days but to lose that weight that you have been carrying with you your whole life. The weight that you are not good enough, lovable enough, thin enough, etc. The weight that you are not smart enough, funny enough, strong enough. The weight that you need to eat perfectly, exercise always and never indulge in the moment to lose weight. The weight that create pressure which then causes you to put pressure on those around you... and I could go on and on but hey, that is what the class is for! 

So, come hang out with me for 4 nights and let's do this together. Let's spend time learning and relaxing so that you can get closer to how you want to feel just by coming out 4 times.  Oh and I will explain hypnosis every class and make sure you know how everyone can be hypnotized and it's more of a choice than a skill. I will make sure everyone in the class gets the care and attention they need. Plus, it is the opportunity to spend time with like minded people working on the same thing -which is special in it's self.

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