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Advanced Worshop:

Age Regression with Past Life Regression and Parts Therapy 

HRT Specialty Training for Certified Hypnotherapists & Hypnotists

HRT (Hypnotherapy Regression therapy) 


Hypnotic age regression is a technique utilized by hypnotherapists to help access the perceptions and feelings caused by past events that represent a present issue. Hypnotic age regression occurs when a person is hypnotized and is guided to recall a past event or regress to an earlier age. The patient may then proceed to recall or relive events in their life. This allows for the client to reinterpret their current situation with new information and insights as well as heal and protect the younger version of themselves, forever.  

Learn how to properly and professionally guide your client, in hypnosis, back in time in order to discover the root cause of a problem. Resolve issues permanently with this skill and take your practice to the next level!

• client prep

• easy depth testing 

• ideomotor responding

• techniques to get to ISE  (Initial Sensitizing Event) 

• abreactions & release 

• reprogramming & healing the child within 

• wisdom for today realization and resolution 

• permanently resolve issues

• emerge

Parts Therapy & Parts Therapy in Regression 

Parts work therapy attends to the conflicts between parts that when left unresolved can sabotage your efforts toward healing. There can be times when you might be attempting to work through a difficult or traumatic memory and even though you are ready to heal, there might be a part of you that interferes with the process in an attempt to protect you from vulnerable feelings or changes that feel threatening to your sense of self.

Parts therapy is the process of calling out and communicating directly with these parts of the subconscious. A deep state of hypnosis improves the results by reducing the risk of analytical resistance from the conscious mind.

Parts Therapy is based on the concept that our personality is composed of an infinite number of various parts. We all experience this each day when we notice a conflict within ourselves. Perhaps you are out to eat and one part of you wants to order dessert while another part knows that you will feel too full if you do and even another part of you thinks you shouldn't spend the extra money. The idea behind Parts Therapy is that, within hypnosis, we acknowledge these parts and allow their roles to change and get on the same page towards the desired outcome.

Parts can also represent younger versions of self or inner child and therefore Parts Therapy can be a very valuable technique when paired with hypnotic regression.

• client prep

• easy depth testing 

• how to bring up the different parts 

• how to talk to the different parts

• Guide the parts to transform to support the new change

• reprogramming & healing the child within 

• permanently resolve issues & break habits

• emerge


Three full days of hands-on training. 

Time: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM with a break in the middle for lunch

Where: TBA

Investment: $1375. plus gst 

Prerequisite: Certification in Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy from a reputable school.

Register and hold your spot with a $300. deposit.


For: trained/certified hypnotists and hypnotherapists.

Up your game, have more confidence in your ability to get your results.

Create change on a deeper level.

Create permanent change.


Why is regression the best when it comes to resolving issues with your clients? 

It is THE skill that makes things go away forever. 

Example: A client came in and the wind was causing her to have unbearable and un-solvable panic attacks. She explained how she had been in a terrible wind storm a few years ago and ever since then she has been checking the weather and the speed of the wind and feeling anxious even with the thought that it could possibly be windy that day was creating a lot of anxiety for her. We did one session that involved her going into hypnosis for the first time and I worked on releasing anxiety and helping her stop checking the weather, with suggestions of feeling safe.

She came back to her next session finding that not continuously checking the weather helped her not create more anxiety on top of what she was already feeling but still had a major panic attack that weekend when the wind really picked up where she lived.

That is when I go to regression. When there was very little relief from the previous session and the anxiety is still debilitating. While in hypnosis (using regression) she went back to a time when she was a kid and in the basement during a tornado and didn’t know where her dad was or if he was safe. The emotion that came up was the same feeling that she was getting with the wind. I then took her through ‘healing the child within’ work and lead her back to the present as she looked through all of the other moments from then on where the feeling had existed and couldn’t find the feeling.

To this day she still can’t believe that panic doesn’t come up and that was 2 years ago! She sends me a lot of clients because of her results, which is also a benefit of having the knowledge and training to do this work.


This class will also give adequate amount of time to practice and hone your skills in Regression and Parts Therapy as well as your hypnotizing skills - tone, wording, comfort, confidence, flow, trust, rapport, ideomotor. It will greatly increase your ability to guide your client to where they need to go and to do what they need to do to be free from the pain that haunts them and causes them to self sabotage and interferes with their ability to love themselves, feel better and live happy!


Contact Instructor Heather Rodriguez for more information and to express interest. 



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