Coming Spring 2019

Advanced Worshop:

Hypnotherapy Regression Therapy Specialty Training for Certified Hypnotherapists & Hypnotists

3 Day Age Regression and Past Life Regression Training 

Bonus Topic Included in this Class: Parts Therapy & Parts Therapy in Regression!

Learn how to properly and professionally guide your client, in hypnosis, back in time in order to discover the root cause of a problem. Resolve issues permanently with this skill and take your practice to the next level!


• Client prep

• Techniques to get to ISE (Initial Sensitizing Event) 

• Abreactions & release 

• Reprogramming & healing the child within 

• Permanently resolve issues

• Emerge


This is an opportunity to feel completely confident in your ability to use regression properly and effectively and practice, practice, practice!


Prerequisite: Certification in Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy from a reputable school.


Why is regression great when it comes to resolving issues with your clients? 

It is THE skill that makes things go away forever 

This story is a great example of that: A client came in and the wind was causing her to have unbearable and un-solvable panic attacks. She explained how she had been in a terrible wind storm a few years ago and ever since then she has been checking the weather and the speed of the wind and feeling anxious even with the thought that it could possibly be windy that day was creating a lot of anxiety for her. We did one session that involved her going into hypnosis for the first time and I worked on releasing anxiety and helping her stop checking the weather, with suggestions of feeling safe.

She came back to her next session finding that not continuously checking the weather helped her not create more anxiety on top of what she was already feeling but still had a major panic attack that weekend when the wind really picked up where she lived. 

That is when I go to regression. When there was very little relief from the previous session and the anxiety is still debilitating. While in hypnosis (using regression) she went back to a time when she was a kid and in the basement during a tornado and didn’t know where her dad was or if he was safe. The emotion that came up was the same feeling that she was getting with the wind. I then took her through ‘healing the child within’ work which protects the child from that feeling forever and then finished up the session with the correct steps from there to the present and finished the session.

The next week, when she came in for her third session, she was totally amazed. She was quite doubtful that hypnosis would help her from the get-go but felt to try it as nothing else worked and being that her reactions to the weather were so out of her control, really felt like it was something deeper, something subconscious. She could not believe how different she felt! There was even a strong wind after and she did not have the panic attack or anxiety at all! She was so relieved and happy that she would not have to continue to suffer!

This is the true value of this work and can help with fears, phobias, anxiety, grief, weight loss, relationship issues, confidence and more....



You will have the opportunity to be regressed in class to resolve things you want to and leave better than ever!


Investment: $1425. plus gst 






Contact Instructor Heather Rodriguez for more information and to express interest. 



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