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Adult Initial Sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes and follow-up sessions are 1 hour.

Teen/Child Sessions are 1 hour and follow-up sessions are 1 hour or 30 minutes depending. 

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Basic 3 Session Program

Experience what hypnosis can do for you. Use these 3 sessions to improve whatever you want!

Break a bad habit, change unsuccessful thoughts, feelings & beliefs.

Feel better about life, work and yourself.

Hypno Heather prefers to do a minimum of 3 sessions with each new client because getting lasting results is her priority and she has a specific process to accomplishing that. Part of which involves repetition of suggestions, re-programming neural pathways and working on the various layers of an issue. 

Weight Loss

Attract the body you want! 

Let Heather help you to create a lifestyle of health & weight loss.

Clear the emotional clutter and put an end to self-sabotage that prevents you from losing weight.  Hypnotherapy for weight loss focuses on increasing your self-esteem and motivation for healthy living to help you feel good about your body and create a lifestyle of health and weight loss.

“My weight loss is on track and everyone around me sees a new and healthy person inside and out!” – Carol H.

“I see that I just want to feel better, and that my feeling better about myself has nothing to do with my body shape or size but about how I think about my body and myself.”


More details here.

Smoking Cessation 

Stop smoking for life with hypnosis. Hypnosis can remove old triggers connected to the habit as well as create new triggers for new, healthier habits. Make it easier on yourself and use the power of your mind to eliminate cravings and break the habit once and for all. Suggestions for not gaining weight once quitting smoking are a part of every session!


*Also for chewing tobacco. 

Hypnosis has been shown to be an effective aid to smoking cessation, more effective than self-care methods, nicotine gum and physician interventions. (Viswesvaran, Schmidt - A meta-analytic comparison of the effectiveness of smoking cessation methods, J Appl Psychol. 1992 Aug;77(4):554-61) 

“Although I think my body is going through a slight withdrawal, I feel totally comfortable without any major cravings.  I would totally recommend hypnotherapy for quitting cigarettes.”  - Debbie

Anxiety/Panic Attack Relief

Not just coping mechanisms.

Find actual relief from triggers and over-thinking.

3 and 5 SESSION PROGRAMS available. 

“I have been off my antidepressants for many months… Heather has been helping me manage, and giving me the strength to go on and be able to manage without the prescription.” -  C.M.

Fear & Phobia Relief

Live no more with fears that stop you from living free!

Hypnosis is super effective for eliminating fears.


Sessions for Sleep 

Say goodnight to sleep struggles. More sessions recommended if using sleep aids or sleep difficulties are long term. You deserve a good nights sleep!




Sessions for Children

For ages 6 - 12 years old. Does your child have some habits, anxiety or perceptions about things that are causing discomfort or pain? If you get that feeling that it would be beneficial to help them work on an issue now, before it grows as they do, you may want to consider hypnotherapy for your child. It’s like a haircut or grandma’s house… children tend to be more willing to do things with another trusted adult in ways they may not with their parents. Plus, their imaginations are already so great - that they are pros at hypnosis!

“Heather was able to calm my 12-year-old son, help him focus and overcome his fears…It was essential for my son’s health to overcome his anxiety. I am grateful to Heather for getting the job done.” – Lisa S.

Sessions for Teens

Teens are the best age and candidates for hypnosis. Help them learn early on how feelings and thoughts can be resolved by participating in their health and using their mind to feel better. Teenagers love hypnosis and the relaxation from day to day stresses and pressures. Plus, they don’t have to talk much, which seems to always be a bonus to them!




Specialty Services

Contact Heather to find out more about:

Past Life Regression

Relationship and/or Sex Issues Support

Illness and Pain Management

Fertility Assistance:

The Fertility and Conception Program: Have you tried everything and still can't conceive? Hypnosis can increase fertility and chances of conception. Hypnosis promotes relaxation which leads to a decrease in stressful and depressing feelings that may be making it more difficult to conceive. Specific visualizations are also utilizes in sending the message to the mind/body of the proper healthy functions needed to conceive.

Pregnancy, Labour & Birth Support:

Hypnosis has been a tool for labor and birth for many, many years and is gaining popularity by the day. There is a reason why so many women use it to help them create the pregnancy, labor and birth they desire: it works! With hypnosis you can enjoy your pregnancy more and feel better. You can have a shorter and easier labor. And the experience of giving birth can be a moment of understanding, growth and, upon reflection, a happy memory.

16 Personalities/Myers Briggs Sessions:

This program is based on the best, support and communication for your personality type. Get better results and confidence in the areas most needed in these unique sessions which are catered specifically to you! Designed to help you have more understanding about your type and especially for reducing everyday stress. 

Want to find out your personality type?

You can take the 16 personalities test here: 


You can take the Myers-Briggs Assessment here:


• Want to bring this into your workplace? It can really help everyone understand each other’s differences and create simplicity and effectiveness in communication. Happy and supported employees and co-workers are more productive and do their jobs with more love. I have heard thousands of times from my clients about how much a little support and appreciation from management would make not only the people but the business so much better. This is also a fun and slightly interactive way to bring in mindfulness and relaxation to your team, while producing amazing outward results. Plus, it is lead by me, Hypno Heather, and my personality ENFP aka ‘The Inspirational CHAMPION of Important Causes’ which is guaranteed to intrigue, shift and lighten everyone up!







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