Dear Heather,

Can you share more information about the 9-week journey for hypnosis professionals to create a sold-out New Year offer? I have so many ideas and feeling the time pressure and would love to know more about how your group can help me!

Yes, you bet!

In the vast expanse of the online world, it often feels like we’re all on a quest to amass digital treasures, accumulating a vast internet chest of knowledge and resources. 🌟🕵️‍♀️ The beauty of this digital age lies in the endless opportunities to learn and grow. However, there’s a subtle challenge woven into this pursuit – the tendency to believe that we must exhaust our existing knowledge before diving into something new.

I find immense joy in the abundance of information available at our fingertips. Yet, I’ve observed a common mindset among hypnotherapists—one that can inadvertently hinder them from accessing real-time support, resources, and the accountability needed to bring their brilliant ideas into the world. It’s a familiar refrain: the belief that we must continually accumulate knowledge, sometimes preventing us from taking the crucial step of translating ideas into action.

How often does the thought cross our minds that we need to learn more, when in reality, it might be a subconscious shield protecting us from the possibility of failure? The hesitancy to act can be a comfort zone, a place where the illusion of safety outweighs the potential rewards of taking bold steps forward.

Balancing the demands of time in a world brimming with opportunities and obligations is undoubtedly challenging. Yet, within the right space, one can seize the opportunity to take meaningful action, propelling themselves further along the path toward their goals with speed and purpose. In the realm of hypnotherapy, the struggle to find this equilibrium is real.

What is the Soul Aligned Incubator? The Soul Aligned Launchpad goes beyond being a program; it’s a unique opportunity for hypnosis practitioners to ensure their offerings resonate authentically with their purpose. Running from November 23, 2023, to January 24, 2024, this 9-week incubator is designed to guide practitioners through the entire process of creating a successful New Year offer.

Alignment with Dharma and Life Purpose: Central to the Soul Aligned Launchpad is the focus on aligning business success with one’s Dharma and life purpose. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their unique talents and understand how they can serve the world in a way that energizes rather than drains.

Tuning Into Your Purpose: The program guides participants through investigating moments of self-doubt, exploring what genuinely ignites their passion, and reconnecting with their unique energy. The roadmap provided helps hypnosis practitioners to not only rediscover their purpose but also design offerings that authentically align with their soul.

Opportunity for Hypnosis Practitioners: Open to hypnosis practitioners at all levels, the Soul Aligned Launchpad aims to elevate and deepen practitioners’ approach to sessions, time management, and pricing. The goal is to help participants get crystal clear on messaging for a successful New Year offer.

Program Details: The 9-week program includes:

  • Live Weekly “Ask Me Anything” Sessions: Held every Thursday at 1 pm MT/3 pm ET, these sessions with Hypno Heather provide an opportunity for personalized support and guidance.
  • 2 Live Specialty HypnoLAB Workshops: These workshops are crucial steps in the journey, helping participants get on the path to their purpose and providing pro tips for launching and selling. The first workshop is scheduled for November 23, 2023.
  • WhatsApp Messaging Support: Throughout the program, participants have access to a supportive community for real-time engagement and problem-solving.

Clarity Over Shiny Ideas: The program emphasizes the importance of avoiding distraction by focusing on one offer for nine weeks. Participants are encouraged to engage in purposeful content creation for social media and messaging, ensuring a clear and consistent message for potential clients.

Engagement: Ready to take the first step towards aligning your business with your purpose? Join the Soul Aligned Launchpad by clicking here. This is an opportunity to move beyond planning and procrastination and step into the energy and alignment that will propel you toward success.

Conclusion: As the New Year approaches, the Soul Aligned Launchpad provides a unique and detailed roadmap for hypnosis professionals to create a sold-out offer aligned with their Dharma and soul’s purpose. With specific dates and times for live sessions and workshops, this 9-week journey promises not only transformative experiences but also practical insights. Don’t miss out on the chance to kick off the New Year with energy and alignment. Join the Soul Aligned Launchpad today and step into a new year with a sold-out offer that reflects your true calling. 🌟

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