Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Results! You do not need to struggle your entire life like I did to finally get the results I had only dreamt of. Heather helps you to get out of your own way so that you can make better eating choices and create the body you always wanted. My experience can only be summed up as incredible. She was able to replace the negative programing I had put in place for myself with a much more healthy and happy alternative. Do yourself a favor and take the leap to get results. - John B. Regina 2017 

On the road to happiness. Heather is such a wonderful woman she is kind with her words and has a way of making uncomfortable topics easy to talk about. She is very professional and creates a calmness that I am looking for while I am on my journey of personal growth. I also feel like we have been friends forever and i'm just chatting over tea. I left feeling refreshed and like I have finally found the solution to blowing away the rain clouds that have burdened me for 37 years and after 1 session I see the light. - S.E. 2017

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear! I am satisfied with my first appointment with Heather. I knew in every single fibre of my being I was supposed to be sitting there hearing exactly what I was being told. I wasn't sure what to expect, but her office is extremely welcoming and has a great atmosphere to it. I really look forward to our next session and am feeling like some old beliefs have already been lifted. I am so grateful that I listened to my gut, and just went for it because Heather is definitely one unique soul! - Jasmine K.

Results! You do not need to struggle your entire life like I did to finally get the results I had only dreamt of. Heather helps you to get out of your own way so that you can make better eating choices and create the body you always wanted. My experience can only be summed up as incredible. She was able to replace the negative programing I had put in place for myself with a much more healthy and happy alternative. Do yourself a favor and take the leap to get results. - John B. Regina 2017

Give it a chance. Honestly a mind opening experience. You owe it to yourself to try if at all curious. Heather is welcoming and easy to associate with. - Nathan B.  Regina 2018

Heather is a wonderful healer! Spending time with Heather is fabulous for mind and spirit. I have done a lot of self-development but sometimes you just need that extra nudge from a friendly soul. She is intuitive and non-judgmental and full of wonderful ideas. She is constantly learning and perfecting her craft. I would recommend you putting your trust in her to help bring you to her full potential and letting go of what no longer serves you. You will only be better for it. - Jolie E.  

Back in the driver's seat. Heather helped me get control of my business and life back. Strengthed my ability to stand by my convictions without compromising my relationships and goals. Highly recommended if you need to get back in the driver's seat! - G.V. 2017

A year later, still feeling the benefits! Thank you for helping my life return to its path that it was searching for. When I walked into youroffice over a year ago seeking help for my son it was like walking into a wave of warmth. I immediately felt at ease with you. I wasn't really searching for help for myself but thought it would be fun to try and since I was seeing positive changes in my son, I thought, ‘why not’. It has been almost a year since my last session and I still have your words stuck to my fridge, on my mirrors and in the odd drawer and I still find your words going through my head when I am struggling and needing guidance or when I am just relaxing. And when I say those words to myself I can feel exactly what I felt in my body the day of those sessions.  I never expected this and didn't know if this would impact my life for a week or forever.  So yes, it is life changing for me in everything I do and really for how I interact with all the people I love in my family, it has been life changing. Thank you, thank you, Thank you. 

  - Desiree Bjornson, Regina, SK


New vision with artwork and a soulmate! I am a visual artist and spiritual seeker. I went to see Heather for three sessions because I felt blocked, empty and unable to get "unstuck" in my journey. I have received quantum healing in every single session I've had with Heather. The very first session opened the floodgates of love and inspiration for me, including the revealing of sacred Spirit Orbs which now dominate my paintings. I then attracted an ideal mate who shares my passion for creating art and exploring quantum physics. I highly recommend booking several sessions to open the flow, heal your heart and let in the bounty! The painting that came to me after the first session says it all really "The Infilling" (see below) in which I partially captured the essence of the major opening and shift in me. www.janifrancis.com 

Jani Francis - The Infilling 

- Jani Francis, Indian Head, SK


A lifetime of fear of the dentist, gone: Heather has changed my life! Before going to Heather I was terrified to go to thedentist – even thinking about making a dental appointment bothered me.  Heather managed to get to the heart of my dental fear, which I have had since a child.  Because of her guidance with the hypnosis process, I have been able to start some major dental work I need to have done.  With the tools she taut me I will be able to continue with my full dental surgery. I have grown as a person because of Heather’s wonderful help in my life and my husband has seen a beautiful change in me.  This has all been made possible by Heather’s help with my dental fear.  I would highly recommend anyone who has a problem going to the dentist to see Heather – if she can help me I believe she can help you!

Hypno Heather helps Nancy's fear of the dentist

 - Nancy D. Regina, SK

Creating a lifestyle of body and mind health: I met Heather at a volunteer event and was drawn to her immediately. Heather has a presences that makes everyone around her comfortable. She has helped me in my journey to get healthy and lose weight. The interesting part is how my whole life has changed through my sessions with Heather. I drove 2.5 hours each way to see her for each appointment because I trust her completely and and knew that to make the changes that I wanted to in my life, it would take the right person to help me. Her professional yet relaxed manner puts you at ease, creating a better outcome for hypnosis. I now feel like a new and positive person who can take anything on. My weight loss in on track and everyone around me sees a new and healthy person inside and out! Heather helped me change my life and love myself - I am forever grateful.  - Carol H. Saskatoon, SK

Forever grateful: What an experience. Heather did a past life regression session with me and the outcomes were more than I had ever imagined. Heather is truly gifted and caring as she navigated us through past lives. This experience has brought me greater clarity about my purpose and a greater sense of confidence in the journey that lies ahead. I have a deeper appreciation for Heather's gift and would recommend her a thousand times over. Thank You Heather! 

  - Doug Lawrence 

Change of view and weight lifted: I was recommended to Heather by a friend who had received hypnotherapy from her before. My experience with Heather was really incredible. It's an event that in many ways has changed the way I view myself and the issues that I have struggled with in the past. Heather allowed me to realize that my self-worth was low and my view of how others felt about me was inaccurate. She led me through personal issues and helped me to access my subconscious and view my problems from an outside perspective. At the end of my first appointment, I felt unbelievable. A weight had been lifted off of me. It was an important experience for me and Heather was kind, professional and comforting to communicate with. I really value my experience with her.  - Julia M. Regina, SK

No more panic attacks when things go wrong: Meeting Heather was fate for me! I stumbled across her sign one day and shot her am email. After my first session I was sure this would be exactly what I needed. I had been looking for a hypnotherapist for literally months and couldn't find someone who would work around my crazy hours. Heather did that and she did it happily! She helped me tap into my own inner strength and understanding and my life has been forever changed. No more panic attacks when things go wrong and my thinking is much more rational. I still use the techniques Heather provided me with and they are all things I can do everyday anytime any place. The fact that Heather bent over backwards to make this work for me means a lot. She accommodated time, dates and no matter how I felt when the session started I always felt better when the session was over. Without a doubt I would go back and I recommend her to anyone looking for growth in their life!I would highly recommend Heather without hesitation. My experience with Heather was life changing in many ways.  - Megan S. Regina, SK.

Closer to the person I want to be: I met Heather through a mutual friend and wanted to experience her services. I felt comfortable and accepted which allowed me to relax and open up and have one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I would recommend setting aside all preconceptions and being open minded to make the changes in your life that will only bring you closer to being the person you want to be. You will definitely not be disappointed.  - Karen C. Regina, SK

Command of skills to assist and guide: I have had the opportunity to experience Heather as a true professional as her colleague and instructor during her class attendance for advanced training. She has an obvious command of the skills she uses to assist and guide people to their personal goals, while helping them live life healthier and happier. Her passion for her work and her desire to continually strive to be her best will have an impact on her clients, her community and all she does in her career. - Tom Nicoli, NH USA

My time with Heather is always so constructive. She is so perceptive and generous and I for sure am left leaving like my healing journey is made possible by her fabtastic guidance. She exudes such a beautiful spirit- I am thankful to her for uplifting my spirit and holding me there through the subconscious work we're doing together. I am in awe with her therapy and so will you! 

 - Shannon Berard-Gardiner


Tools and resources for personal growth: I would highly recommend Heather without hesitation. My experience with Heather was life changing in many ways. She has a very grounded, calm presence, which made me feel at ease and relaxed, as this was my first hypnosis session- I did not know what to expect. Heather was open and clear on everything and helped me to better understand what to expect, I felt present and fully in control through the whole experience. I was equally impressed to see how efficient the session was and gained a deeper understanding of what I need to further process emotions, stress and rediscover my life lessons. Heather was able to easily tap into this and after the session provided me with additional tools and resources to further my own personal growth, which has been helpful. Thank you Heather.  -  Sonya DS. Regina, SK

Son's fear of needles gone after one session: My son had a phobia of needles and the dentist. After just one session with Heather, my son took 4 needles in one day. After his session his attitudes about the dentist completely changed. He had to get some teeth pulled and afterwards said, "I like the dentist!". Heather was able to calm my 12 year old son, help him focus, and over come his fears. My son hadn't been to the dentist in 6 years and was very behind in his immunizations cause of his severe anxiety. It was essential for my son's health to overcome his anxiety. I am grateful to Heather for getting the job done. -  Lisa S. Regina, SK.

Helped me help myself: Heather is great at what she does. Hypnosis with Heather is by far the greatest investment I have made in myself. I honestly can't say enough about my personal growth since working with Heather. I have been able to confront my fear of water with a clear mind as well as face other issues regarding self esteem, communication and forgiveness along the way. What I love best about Heather is that she understands the importance of helping people help themselves. I will always consider Hypnosis with Heather before looking to other avenues to better myself.  -  Debbie B. Regina, SK.

Naturopath Referral: I've known Heather for a few years now, both personally and professionally, and am thrilled that she is doing what she does. As a naturopath, I've referred patients to her and their feedback has always been great. She has definitely been able to help them break through obstacles in their journey to wellness. She is a caring and compassionate person as well as an excellent hypnotherapist, and I would definitely recommend her. 

  - Dr. Katherine Cheah Regina, SK


Left behind old, destructive behaviours: I am forever grateful to Heather for her assistance in helping me leave behind some old, destructive behaviours. I always felt comfortable with Heather. I think maybe because I was committed to the process and went into it with my guard down, the experience of hypnotherapy was very powerful for me and very effective. I would recommend working with Heather for anyone who needs to break a nasty habit. - Juliana S. Regina, SK

5 sessions better than 15 years of counselling: Wow! What an amazing lady Heather is and what a gift she has to give to you. I went to Heather approx 1 1/2 months ago to quit smoking through hypnosis as I heard about her through a friend of mine who also quit smoking through Heathers hypnosis. She is so good at what she does and I always leave there feeling 100% better than I did when I came in. I will never see another psychologist, or counsellor ever again. What Heather has done for me in 5 sessions is beyond what any counsellor has done for me in 15 years. So relaxing and helpful. Thanks so much Heather!! -  Marissa K. Regina, SK.

A full all around solution: Heather is a true professional and expert in her field. She truly stands out by listening to the issue at hand and truly applies her experience and knowledge for a full all around solution. Do not hesitate to use her. - David A. Regina, SK

Safe, comfortable space: I knew Heather as a co-worker and friend when I first went into a hypnosis session with her. I really had no idea how hypnotherapy worked, or what exactly it was, but in her explanation of it over time I was intrigued to try it. She very thoroughly explained the practice to me in terms any one can understand. I was nervous, but she goes the extra mile in making sure her clients are 100% comfortable before beginning. She is attentive and the atmosphere she creates is of a safe, comfortable space to explore the issues you are looking to exploring in the session. Heather is first rate in her depth of knowledge, listening, and professionalism in the field. I went back again after my first session and will continue to visit Heather in her hypnosis office. She creates a space in which you will be willing to let go of your reservations and embrace the practice, and what your mind offers to you. She is excellent at debriefing the sessions and making steps toward carrying your discoveries with you in your life after the session. -  Annelies C. Regina, SK.

Skeptical about hypnosis: I was very skeptical about the process of hypnosis and whether or not it would help me in any way but going to Heather ended up being one of the best things I could have done for myself. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much about myself. I reconnected with my childhood and rediscovered the world. It changed my day to day life in a very profound way. - J.D. Regina, SK Heather was an amazing guide during my hypnosis session with her. She led me to a powerful and positive explanation of some strong and uncomfortable reactions I had begun having to my new learning environment as a student midwife. I left the session surer than I had ever been that I was on the right path in my life, and with a kinder appreciation of my reactions in those situations. Since then those same stimuli roll off my back like water off a duck and I find that each situation affirms my path and innate value rather than causing me to question it. The experience exceeded my high expectations and I am sure it will have a positive influence on the rest of my life. - Erin.L. Regina, SK


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