National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Member Benefits

As a member of the NGH, what do I get?

  • Journal of Hypnotism – four issues per year
  • Hypno-Gram – four issues per year
  • Hypnosis Today magazine. International issue available.
  • An open forum for a free exchange of ideas about hypnotism since 1951.
  • Code of Ethics.
  • Standards of Practice.
  • Professional Language for the practitioner.
  • Client Bill of Rights.
  • Referrals though our computer database and national p.r. programs.
  • Quality training and an outstanding core curriculum by certified instructors.
  • The largest and friendliest annual hypnotism convention in the world.
  • Mid-winter Solid Gold conference in Las Vegas.
  • Live continuing education programs at locations around the world.
  • Specialty Certifications earned through live, hands-on workshops.
  • Awareness and reporting on licensing and legislative activities.
  • Availability of malpractice insurance for our members.
  • Local chapters for year-round networking with colleagues.
  • Member-only DVD rental library of hundreds of workshops and seminars.
  • Workshop discounts.
  • Pre-Paid Legal Services discount.
  • Auto rental discounts.
  • Entertainment discounts.
  • Books, equipment and videos/audios at member discounts.
  • Consultation and advice for our members.
  • National and International publicity on TV and in leading publications.
  • Internet web site with downloadable features.
  • Internet Forums for member discussions and networking.
  • E-mail Alerts plus scripts.
  • Close affiliation with NFH #104 OPEIU AFL-CIO CLC for legislative lobbying.
  • The opportunity for International Board Certification.
  • Copyrighted columns, brochures and ads available to members.
  • Internet and CD Rom archival programs which are under construction at this time.
  • Prompt, professional service by a friendly staff which works on behalf of our members.
  • And, most of all, a well-established, internationally recognized organization whose reputation backs the certification of our members with an unmatched record of progress towards recognition as a separate and distinct profession for all hypnotists/hypnotherapists.

Once graduated from the class you get:

  • 11 x 14 Personalized Certified Consulting Hypnotist Certificate
  • Embossed Membership Card


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