Training Testimonials

What past students (now graduates) say: 

“(Heather’s) ability to lead a group is top-notch.  I feel like (she does) a good job staying on track and making good use of time.  I also appreciated that (she) made personal connection with each student. I think that makes a big difference in people’s beliefs about their own abilities when they can connect to the instructor.  … Heather (is a) lovely and a good teacher … competent and relatable.  The positive feedback that (she gives) does amazing things for my own confidence and helps me trust myself.  (Her) criticisms are also spun positively which makes it easier to know how to improve from them.”  - Erica Kovach  

“I have learned everything I could possibly need to have a successful experience being a hypnotist …  She (Heather) is a great hypnotist and an awesome teacher.  She made this course so much fun, and her positive attitude made everything a better experience.  I would highly recommend Heather as a teacher for anyone interested in taking hypnotism training.” –  Karlee Ziegler

“Wonderful trainer. I am a seasoned learner and presenter and Heather is among the best I’ve ever experienced.  I recommend Heather both as a trainer and therapist.  She has deep wisdom and awareness.” – Joan Sanderson

“Your huge personality, your humour, your strength are amazing, the best sort of energy.” – Jacqui Balogh, Transcendence Wellness Coaching & Hypnotherapy Services

“Heather is a fantastic teacher and brings a lot of passion and energy to the content.  Her experience and knowledge provide a solid foundation.  Her supportive and encouraging style of teaching make it easy to learn and succeed, and be inspired.” – Steven Bowden 

“Heather has great energy and is so positive.  She makes everyone feel so confident.  Her knowledge of hypnotherapy is top quality.  She provides not only material for the class, but extra resources and knowledge to help everyone feel ready to hit the ground running.  Her support is amazing and it’s a really fun learning environment and experience.” – Kim S.

This course has not only taught me to hypnotize myself and others, but it has also taught me about healing emotional wounds. I was reminded about the power of positive intention and how it can be a powerful force in both my personal life and in my hypnotherapy practice. My life has already begun changing as this week as I let go of feelings and beliefs that were holding me back. I found the group discussions very helpful as I am an auditory learner, but I also very much appreciated practicing on other group members and being practiced on. -Jori Cachene, Regina, SK.

“Heather’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and willingness to share makes her an excellent instructor/trainer.  I feel I have an excellent grasp of the subject and feel confident I can help others as a result of this course.” – Valerie Asher

 I have learned that beliefs can be such a hindrance to growth. I feel more clear about the purpose and direction of my life. I fully believe my life will change in a positive way. The level of enthusiasm, encouragement and knowledge Heather has is very motivating. I think her level of resonance is great, keep bringing it! - Aparna Sekhar, Toronto, ON

I cant list all the positive ways in which my life has and continues to change! I found Heathers stories, real life experiences and the awareness and participation of the group so helpful. It was very helpful to hypnotize the volunteers too! - Kami Smith-Vopni, Regina, SK

This course has taught me not to judge other people's healing paths or choice of modalities; a healer is a healer. It was interesting to see how hypnosis can blend with an individuals own spiritual understanding. I found that our engaged class discussion helped me relate experiences to my own life and I often had Aha!moments of epiphany and clarity.  At the beginning of the course I felt like an individual but by the end grew to feel like part of a collective. This was not merely an education but a time of supported personal growth. Now Im able to appreciate the different flavours my fellow hypnotherapists bring to their practice and know we are all worthy and capable healers! Heather encouraged us to each develop our own focus. I know these insights will help me strengthen my position in a community I want to be a part of. The diversity of case studies in Heathers curriculum was so helpful for me to gain a deep understanding of the practical applications of hypnosis. Heathers knowledge goes above and beyond anything we learned from the textbooks. A year and a half later Im still in contact with my classmates and other graduates of Chiron, doing session exchanges via skype (as I live out of province). Heather and the online group continue to be a source of inspiration, community and mentorship for all my business and a spiritual inquiries.  - Andrea Young, Montreal, QC

I have learned so much! How to focus on your desires, how to create positive changes and  how to help others using hypnosis as a tool for understanding. More broadly, how thoughts and beliefs (positive or negative) give momentum to situations in life. I feel like lots of changes will happen in my life as a result of taking this course. I feel like I'm finally moving towards really understanding who I have always been and embracing that I have always been a healer but could never focus on how to really help others because I was always focused on healing myself or taking care of others and not myself. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help me remove the emotional blocks in my life and then allow me to help others. Grateful is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about what I have learned and the insights I have gained. Class discussions and watching Heather do hypnosis with classmates was super beneficial.  The manuals and information is great for reinforcing the concepts discussed. The additional scripts are amazing. Thank you Heather, just keep being yourself and radiating your beautiful light and energy, you are amazing. - Lenore Lindquist, Regina, SK

“Heather you have a great energy and you are definitely doing what you should be doing! Love the energy, love the personal examples.  Love the humour – it makes it fun. …  Love how right off the bat you instilled the ethics and confidence even within the group itself.” – Koreana Bjarnason

I've learned that I can't get it wrong, there are no mistakes and everything happens for a reason. These are beliefs I came in with yet these were strengthened, shown and lived. As a result we are all on the same path of intent heart centered healing, loving, learning and evolving. The course grounded my confidence and gave me the spark I needed to take the next step of awesomeness in my life which includes the exchange of energy: putting it out there and getting it back. The practice and receiving of hypnosis was invaluable. The way I feel now about my life, my self, my body, my world, my work, my ability to help other is the most wonderful, joyful feeling! - Shelley Weinberger

“Heather is a bright ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.  Spreading knowledge and positivity as she fills our brains.  Easy going yet firm. A healthy balance of all things.” – C.B.

I've learned that hypnosis is a highly effective tool to help others that anyone can learn. I have realized that my path is unfolding as it is meant to and I am excited. It already has changed my life in a positive way. Group work and class discussions were highly effective The material is necessary to learning but the real gems came from interacting. - Amanda Smytaniuk, Prince Albert, SK

“Heather is an amazing presenter, educator.  Her passion and enthusiasm shines through and creates an environment conducive to learning.’ – Carol H.

I learned everything I feel I need to know to begin working with hypnotherapy. The techniques of self-hypnosis have already taken a noticeable affect on me. The opportunity for hands-on hypnosis practice during the course of the class was very helpful. - Keiran Semple, Vancouver, BC

I have learned that confidence in myself will make me a successful hypnotist and that I can hypnotize people to create change. The practice in the class on each other as well as volunteers was extremely valuable. Class discussions and all of Heathers shared experiences were priceless! Heather, you are an amazing teacher! I thank you for generously sharing your knowledge and experience with me! I feel privileged to be a part of this group! - Raelene Stellek, Regina, SK

I learned what hypnosis is and isnt and that hypnosis a really great way to help people. It was helpful for me to practice hypnotizing others as well as be hypnotized. Everything was awesome. - Laura Sutherland, SK


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