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Dear Heather,


Yes! Scroll down for all of the details on my 4 x Special Black Friday Offers…

These Black Friday offers are only available until 11:59 PM on Monday, 27 Nov 2023 (MT).

And places are limited. So, you’ll need to act fast!


Prep yourself mentally and emotionally to set the foundation for lasting physical change in your weight loss plan.

Get unstuck and start moving and changing even the most stubborn of habits with motivational videos and hypnosis audios for guaranteed subconscious shifts from the inside out.

This comprehensive self-guided course, with seasoned hypnotherapist Heather Keys, focuses on the most important needs for your mind and emotions, so that you can lay the foundation for lasting, successful weight loss for years to come.

What’s Included:

• Three Modules of 4 videos & 4 hypnosis audios per module
• Expert guidance from Heather Keys
• Techniques to unlock your subconscious mind’s power
• Tools to navigate and transform emotions
• Insights into holistic well-being and the mind-body connection

Why Choose Be Lighter! Prep-Pack:

• Lasting Results
• Mindset Shift
• Expert Guidance
• Holistic Well-Being
• Guided Hypnosis

Get Started Today:

  • 6-week journey with 2 videos and 2 hypnosis sessions weekly
  • Listen or watch at your pace for immediate changes to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Experience lightness, compassion, and better choices

Enroll now for $269 CAD

Black Friday Special!

The first 4 purchases come with a free 1:1 session with Heather to overcome a specific problem or challenge! If you are feeling stuck in any way – this will give you the movement/change you are craving.



A Brand New Offer by Heather Keys of Hypno Heather!

In this transformative approach, we delve into the core of your being, inviting you to connect with the true fire within. Beyond mere programming or changing how you think and feel, this journey is about becoming one with yourself. It’s about recognizing that you are already whole and unbroken

As you move forward, it’s not about reprogramming; it’s about tapping into the best parts of your being—mind, body, and soul—to create profound and lasting change. It’s a holistic transformation that goes beyond trying to think better about something you don’t feel good about. Instead, it’s an immersive experience that transforms who you are at a fundamental level.

Feeling hesitant or doubtful? Apply for your transformation—no commitment. Successful applicants are chosen through the application process. All are notified within days. Accepted applicants proceed to a free Discovery Call with Heather. Apply here.

Take the first step toward a healthier you—nothing to lose, everything to gain. We’re excited to support you on this transformative journey with an informative and friendly tone, addressing mind, body, and soul.



Travel through a unique exploration that combines past life regression, astrology, and life purpose/dharma coaching. This 4-session program delves into the profound insights of your past lives, providing a holistic view of your soul’s journey.

In these sessions, we analyze key elements such as your North Node, Dharma Archetype, and guide you through a Past Life Regression session. By understanding the themes you’ve lived and those you’ve chosen for this life, you gain valuable insights that can significantly impact your personal and professional fulfillment.

This program isn’t just about discovering your purpose; it’s about trusting that life is aligning for your benefit. By embracing the idea that life is working for you, not against you, you empower yourself to live the fullest expression of who you are. Discover the joy in sharing your unique gifts with the world.

Ready to embark on this cosmic exploration? Book a free discovery call to learn more!



​In this very personalized offer, we address a profound challenge faced by practitioners like you: navigating the intricate landscape of the hypnosis industry with confidence and clarity.
Are you tired of the DIY struggle, grappling with uncertainty, and longing for a clear forward?

360 THRIVE is the solution, offering personalized coaching, industry-specific wisdom from a luminary with over 12 years of experience, and a transformative journey into the Soul Aligned LaunchPad.

I’ll help you dissolve doubts, build unshakable confidence, and illuminate your path to thriving over surviving through an immersive experience where industry-specific wisdom meets personalized coaching to elevate your practice.

Here’s what awaits you:

🌟 Guidance from a Luminary: Benefit from the wisdom of a seasoned practitioner with over 12 years in the field. Receive industry-specific guidance that spans the spectrum from in-person to online, offering a comprehensive view of the business.

🌟 Real-Time Support & ROI: Break free from the DIY struggle with personalized, real-time support. Witness a tangible return on your investment as your practice flourishes under expert guidance.

🌟 Fear Dissolution & Confidence Building: Conquer the fear of uncertainty and build unshakable confidence. “Illuminate360” provides a clear path, dissolving doubts and empowering you to confidently put yourself out there.

🌟 Ideal Client Alchemy: Tailor your practice to seamlessly align with the needs of your ideal clients. Craft offerings that resonate, creating lasting connections and a thriving client base.

Black Friday Bonus! Free entry into the Soul Aligned LaunchPad: A 9-week Incubator to a New Year Sold-Out Offer ($495 value) This transformative group experience goes beyond aligning with your life purpose; it guides you to craft an irresistible offer to have ready to launch (and sell!) in January! It is delivered weekly live, with Heather and comes with an all-access pass to a drive packed with resources and past workshop replays to boost your hypnosis biz beyond belief. Learn more about the BONUS Launchpad here.

Act now as there are limited spots available for practitioners eager to elevate their practice. Successful candidates will be chosen through a thoughtful application process, including a discovery call with Heather.

Apply here.

These Black Friday offers are only available until 11:59 PM on Monday, 27 Nov 2023 (MT).

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