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WEBINAR: The 4 Steps to Creating Momentum in Your Hypnosis Practice

Do you want to help more people?

Are the things that you are trying not bringing in the clients?

Has self doubt been holding yourself back from putting yourself out there?

UN-STICK your hypnosis practice!

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If you want to watch/listen to the FACEBOOK LIVE Hypnosis Sessions Heather did in April & May - you can check them out on YOUTUBE here.




Starts Wednesday, April 15th at 8pm MST

Life as we know it is changing right before our eyes every day and simple, effective, consistent support is needed from trusted practitioners to thrive, not just survive during this time. 

❥ Have you been struggling with uncertainty and increased anxiety since the major life changes brought on by the Corona Virus?

❥ Are you feeling uncomfortable with your own thoughts and feelings?

❥ Are you tired of coping mechanisms that require you to be discplined and have a consistent routine to feel better?


I have been there - delving into my own feelings and thoughts as they arise and have come out on the other side and have been helping all of my clients get there too. 


I want to help you have an easier time with life right now and even connect back to enjoyment and develop a foundation of flexibility in your heart and mind that will create an everlasting positive effect. 


Whether you are new to this or want to add depth to your meditation, mind mapping, yoga, or mindfulness practice, you are invited to join my community and be supported from within. 


Sign up details and format to come soon...




I have just made Three Coaching Spots With Me Available As Of Now: These are now open and they are for 3 month periods. IF you feel like you are in a place in your life where you are really ready to do things differently and create the change you want to see for you life, then this may for you. Set up a FREE call with Heather HERE to see if you are a good candidate for this type of work. Also, watch/listen to the recording to know more about what this looks like and what kind of results you can get. 

Also, Hypnotherapy Training Registration is now ONLINE and here are some ways you could benefit from this training:
• You will be able to help people access the deeper parts of their mind in order to create healing from past traumas.
• With the knowledge of how to change thoughts, feelings and perceptions at the subconscious level you will be able to change habits, behaviours, inappropriate reactions and responses.
• By learning techniques and processes to heal trauma, create forgiveness at a deeper level and introduce new chemical messaging in the mind for healthier habits and thoughts will be knowledge and information that will benefit everyone around you.
• The real power of hypnosis is that you will be able to help people gain more control over their own minds and hearts which will in turn create many positive changes in their lives and make things like debilitating anxiety and depression a thing of the past.
• That the self improvement that you will experience as a result of taking the class will give you a greater ability to help those around you and will benefit those that work with and for you. 
• If you are a practitioner of other healing modalities then this training will deepen the level of work you are doing, taking it to a whole other level.
For more info about hypnosis training, reply to this email and/or go to my website here. Early bird registration still on!

Thank you for reading, following and caring.
Infinite Love,



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