Glambassador Free Consultation

Hey influencers! I’ve opened up a little time just for Glambassador for anyone that is looking to do some DEEPER work to get to another level completely in their career and life.

Harvard Business School has done studies that show the most successful companies and individuals are connected to a purpose for themselves and for the world. If you know that how you feel in your heart and your mind affects and creates your reality and want to do something to change, then you are a good candidate for this work. This work focuses on releasing old ways of thinking and doing while at the same time helps you to connect to your PURPOSE. 

My clients that have done this work earn WAY more, feel more FULFILLED and have more ENGAGED FOLLOWERS. If you want this then click on the link and book a free consult with me for MONDAY and you can let me know where you are struggling and I can determine if we can work together to get you to where you KNOW you CAN BE. There are limited spots for the day - grab one before they go!



About Heather

Heather Rodriguez is a Heart Coach, Hypnotherapist and Instructor of Hypnotism. She creates transformation in the lives of individuals, couples, influencers, speakers, entrepreneurs and business owners. She is a kind listener and emphasizes safe space for exploring the subconscious beliefs and thought patterns that hold us back from living with greater joy and freedom. Heather empowers her clients by helping them create from an intuitive, connected place.