Dear Heather,

How can I kickstart my hypnosis business? 

From, Newly Certified and Ready To Help More People!

Dear Newly Certified,

Congratulations and welcome to the world of being a hypnosis healer!

Now that you have positioned yourself with the knowledge to help people create lasting change in their lives, you are ready to start getting the word out that you are available for hire.

To assist you as best I can, my answer has two parts.

The first part involves all the logistics of setting up a healing business: choosing a name and registering it, purchasing a website domain, acquiring insurance, setting up social media accounts/profiles, etc. I have created a checklist containing these things for you to work on, so you can lay the groundwork for your business.

While those are steps in their own right—and each can be expanded on—I want to focus on the second part of the answer to your question, as it pertains more to getting the momentum rolling in your business!

The best way to start the fire and keep it burning is to keep working at it consistently and keep investing in it!

What this looks like for you will be dependent on how much time, money, and energy you have to invest, as you may be building your biz as a side hustle until the day you can go full-time or are ready to dive all in now.

No matter what, the first thing you can do is GET THE WORD OUT THERE! The more people who know about the service you now offer, the higher your odds are going to be for potential clients. 

Getting the word out there is a bit vague, so I will expand. Start with the easiest way to do that, FOR YOU. This means, what can you do with little to no effort? For example: Tell your family members, your co-workers, and even random people you run into while out in public, lol, and post on any personal social media that you currently have.

Next, move on to other ways (this may require a little more prep) such as: 

Creating a Facebook page for your business which will require you to have a name for your business and a photo of yourself. This might take you to create a logo, too!

Often, in order to do one thing, you will need to do five things first. LOL! Don’t worry, it’s normal. 

Important Things To Remember: 

  • DO NOT GIVE UP! No matter how long things seem to take to do or how difficult it feels to be constantly learning new skill sets, remember it’s not the speed in which you accomplish these things but the energy that builds EVERY time you spend time on your hypnosis business. Consistently putting energy into it sends those vibrations out into the Universe to say, ‘I am here and ready to help others heal!’
  • Don’t judge your process by the results of a task or effort of sharing your services. If you are looking for the ends to justify the means, you will probably feel like a failure and question whether you are even able to make this business work at all, and then you will fail before you even see if you can succeed!

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