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“Hypnotherapy is a state of mind in which the critical faculty of the human is bypassed and selective thinking established.” - Dave Elman 

By-passing the critical factor allows the mind to be more open to suggestion and able to access and talk to the subconscious mind that creates change in an easier and more permanent way. It is not about 'trying hard to' or 'convincing' but about participating and using the imagination to achieve the desired result of achievement, improvement, change or letting go.


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'When we change the way we look at things, the things that we look at change.' -Wayne Dyer 

Any problem that you have or any negative feeling that you are having, no matter how simple or complex, Hypnotherapy can help you.

It can help you and it can be instant. Yes, instant. After one session, everyone feels better and from then on it is a continued movement upward toward feeling better and doing the things that you want to do, TRULY want to do much more naturally and with much greater ease. 

Yes, it can seem too easy to be true! Like one client Tracy said 'I wish I came here years ago! I would have if I had known how much better I would feel.' Using hypnosis to change is not about 'going under and quacking like a duck! Ha! It is gentle and easy and so very relaxing. It is going 'in' and not about losing consciousness but about relaxing and allowing yourself to be guided by the trained hypnotherapist to relax, see, feel and sense and let go of everything and anything known or unknown that is no longer needed or no longer serving you.

Changing the way we see ourselves, our world and the people in it, changes everything. It truly gives us the opportunity to become creators of our reality rather than victims.

Sessions with Heather are also so much more than just Hypnotherapy. Heather's experience and own personal path of self improvement and growth allows her to share many insights and ways to look at the past, present and future in ways that no only changes the way they feel but also changes the relationships in them.

And when we change these perceptions while in hypnosis, the depth to which they create change in our lives in that much more significant. This is so because when we get the brain out of the way and go into the mind it allows us to become more in tune with what we really want while creating clarity about moving forward with more ease and grace.

Being in hypnosis is actually quite simple and we regularly go into hypnotic states without even knowing it. Daydreaming or remembering a great moment in our lives and even getting caught up in a You Tube video that makes us laugh. These are all moments when that thinking, planning and analyzing part (conscious mind) is essentially taking a break and the feeling, observing and remembering part (subconscious mind) is at the forefront.

When the subconscious mind is at the forefront it is susceptible to suggestions that have the ability to change the way we think, feel and act in accordance to what is right for us and what we want. The subconscious mind, no matter how open and relaxed will never accept a suggestion that is not right for you and your moral and ethical code.

It's true! Even though when we see people in an entertainment style setting doing all sorts of silly things that we would never do, they would never do anything while hypnotized that they are not ok with doing out of hypnosis.

It instead offers us the freedom to more authentically walk our own path and the confidence to support and care for ourselves along the way!




Have a feeling you would like to change?

You have probably landed on this page because someone told you about me or because you are interested in knowing if hypnosis is going to be something that can help you get to where you want to be. 

You, like the rest of us, might try to make yourself better by using will power and working towards a goal and that can so often leave you with the feeling of ‘ I really should be able to do that’ or ‘I really should be able to stop doing that’ and on a downward spiral of thought that only leaves you feeling worse and disappointed in yourself.

That’s just it. Will power only works so much when it comes down to it. If there are beliefs in our minds that for some reason, any reason, it is safer for us to keep that old habit or not do something new then there is an easier way to change that than will power. In fact, as you have probably found out for yourself, there is not enough will power to change that.

How can that be changed then?

By changing it in the subconscious mind. That’s what hypnosis does. Hypnosis changes the way we see things, the way we feel about things and the way we think about things. So once the mind no longer sees any threat to embracing the new habit or quitting the old and can envision the new you, it changes everything.

Some ways hypnotherapy creates change:

1. You begin to have new, more positive and supportive thoughts that pop up throughout the day and help you to make better choices much more easily.

2. You are no longer attracted to the old thoughts, the old habits and choices and the old way of trying to feeling better that only made you feel better temporarily.

3. You begin to notice the things in your life that are getting better and even feel an excitement about the good things and feelings that are coming.

4. Creating change in your life in all ways becomes less overwhelming and more enjoyable.

5. Coulda, shoulda, woulda's become a thing of the past and there is an eagerness created in the mind about the possibilities for the future. 







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