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Dear Heather,

In your expert opinion, can you share tips on how to nail my marketing as a hypnosis practitioner to build my business?

I spent the last couple of days having conversations with peers and mentors as part of the process to get clear on what offers can best serve my community and how they can lead to the best time of year to be in this business – the New Year!!

But chatting on the phone personally with Jennifer Grace was the most interesting part! If you don’t know Jennifer, she is a Hay House author, speaker, and facilitator of programs like Clarity Catalyst Coaching and Shine Your Light. I have been positively impacted by her work for years and the best part of the call was how much she validated the leadership role I am in and recognized the level that I am at after all of the work I have done to get to here. She even gave me permission to text her on her cell! 

But enough about that. Today, I just want to share a few surprising things about the connection between hypnosis skills and client acquisition (aka marketing & sales).

I know you can Google THIS and get a bunch of advice you’ve already heard, or listen to Jason Linett talk about persuasion, so I thought why not share some stuff you might not know?

  1. Future pacing – Just like you use this at the end of the session to help the client see how the results that will be coming based on the changes they made in the session (and how they are going to FEEL) – you can use future pacing when speaking to potential clients to help them imagine what it will be like after they hire you. Here’s an example that I use for the Hypnosis Healers Club: “Imagine waking up and finding that overnight people have booked into your online calendar and the worry that you felt when you went to bed the night before dissipates and your sense of hope and trust immediately increases and it feels possible that this really could be the career that you have been praying for.”
  2. Building rapport – You know that the pre-talk and rapport are often more important to achieving deep trance with your client than the induction that you choose to use. This is also true when it comes to sharing your services. It is LESS about the exact words and pictures you use and far MORE about how you connect with others so that they feel seen & heard by you and therefore comfortable sharing their struggles and confident that you care enough to give it your all.
  3. Island A to Island B – This is the one where you, with your hypnosis training have the leg up on all coaches & healers! You have already learned a myriad of ways to bring a client from a (What they believe now) to B (What they need to believe to heal/grow/succeed/move on) and this can be applied to the potential ideal client. A – What do they believe right now that stops them from signing up with you? And B – What do they need to believe to say yes to working with you?

    Here’s an example of my ideal practitioner 1:1 client.

    A – They believe that a sustainable, profitable hypnosis business might be a success only for others, not them. Usually, they think this because they need to improve at certain things like tech, and marketing, or don’t like social media.

    B – They need to believe that these shortcomings do not need to paralyze them from taking action and that there are ways to either work around them (some things you really don’t have to be good at!) or work with someone who knows the industry so that the time and effort they do put in will be worth the time & frustration!

    Click here to watch a video that I did on the topic! 

What do you think? Have you tried/used/head of any of this before? Let me know if there’s something I’m missing. 

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